Professionals can experience several triggers that can make them uncertain during their process.

Here you find six triggers that are revealed by our research.



During your process you make choices, you doubt, you get insights, you experience learning moments. By self-disclosure you show this to others. For example in a conversation, by a certain expression, image or product. Because you reveal something this personal, you can feel uncertain.



Feedback, an opinion, appreciation or an assessment can also make you uncertain. These are expressed by others. For example, by a colleague, supervisor, teacher or fellow student. You may experience this as a judgment of you and your self-disclosure. But you also judge yourself: your commitment, quality or achieved result. In addition to uncertainty, judgement can also evoke certainty. A compliment, can be a very positive ‘judgement’.



In order to make progress, you must be willing to take some risk. Risk of judgment by others, for example about your self-disclosure. But also investment risk: does the time and energy you invest deliver the desired result? All this can create uncertainty.



Each process offers a some freedom, such as freedom of choice or freedom to take initiative. If you prefer to be independent, a lot of freedom is beneficial for you. But if you have a greater need for structure and frameworks, it is not. So too much and too little freedom can evoke uncertainty and certainty.



You may feel more or less capable of performing a task. That feeling can vary at different times, but it can leave you feeling uncertain. Whether you feel competent is also related to past and recent experiences, your self-image, and can be influenced by the reaction of others.



‘Others’ play an important role in uncertainty. Others can provide support, empowerment, judgment, expectations, feedback or confirmation. This can make you uncertain or certain. Others can vary much: a colleague, manager, fellow student, teacher, friend, companion, parents or any other important person.

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