What is Safe Uncertainty?

What is Safe Uncertainty


Being a professional, a certain degree of uncertainty can be functional. Uncertainty can help you get moving, come out of your comfort zone, become creative, take action without the certainty of a useful outcome, or focus on a goal you’re not sure you’re going to achieve. It is not always pleasant, but uncertainty is an important productive force.


If you feel too uncertain, you don’t dare to jump. You become paralyzed, you hide yourself or you get stuck. Too much uncertainty is not functional. If you want to use your uncertainty to your advantage, you will have to feel safe enough.

Hence Safe Uncertainty!


There are certain triggers that can make you uncertain. That is different for everyone, because every person is different. By the way, triggers don’t always just create uncertainty. Curious?


Our research into dealing with uncertainty productively has produced practical tools. You can try these yourself or together with others. Take a look!



We would like to share our knowledge and experience with you or your organization. So let’s work together on your question or need. For example: doing research on the role of uncertainty in your organization, or providing training or workshops on handling uncertainty productively. We always deliver customized services. What are you thinking of?

Do you want to know more? We drink our coffee and tea without sugar!

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